Project Management is one of the disciplines in construction project.  Project Management is a series of theories on how to manage a construction project starting from design, tendering, construction and commissioning.

Construction Project Management is an important factor in delivering a successful project. Some large constructions suffer cost overrun up to 50% of the budget due to the inadequate project management competency and process.   And in some projects, delay also occurred.

In this website, I would like to share knowledge, education, best practices and case study in construction project management covering project schedule, project cost, project quality, project contract and project risk management.

I hope that by sharing the knowledge of project management, people in construction industry will develop a good understanding of project process, expectation and culture which will make successful projects.

I believe that when people (involved in project management) understand project process, the importance of project expectation and good culture (such as trust and cooperation), then the likelihood to complete a successful project is very high.

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